It’s probably time to look back on the New Atheism as something historical.

Scott Alexander, the rationalist blogger behind Slate Star Codex, published a blog post in October, in which he attempts to chart the history of the New Atheism. It’s a long post, but his account goes something like this:

  1. The rise of the internet (c. 2000). Discussion forums are rapidly filled with debates between Christians and atheists.
  2. The rise of the New Atheism (c. 2006). The debates aren’t getting anywhere. Religious people have been brainwashed. Religion is evil.
  3. The fall of the New Atheism (c. 2012). It’s not religion that is the problem (too many exceptions on both sides). The real problem is bigotry.

So the New Atheism merges in with the broader social justice movement.

I think it is a plausible account of things.

Here it is: New Atheism: The Godlessness That Failed.