...is the title of a talk I'm due to give later in April, to a Christian group in Leeds. Here's the summary:

Is there a distinctively Christian view of astronomy? Or is astronomy "neutral", and untouched by Christian faith?

The Reformational stream of Christian thinking emphasises that all areas of life, reality and culture are created by God, affected by the Fall, and will ultimately be put right by Christ. This means that for any area, such as astronomy, Christian faith ought to make a radical difference.

The aim of this talk is to look at astronomy from a distinctively Christian perspective. How might Christians look differently at the universe? How might Christians look differently at the academic discipline of astronomy? And how might Christians look differently at the place of astronomy in society? The talk may or may not succeed in answering those questions, but a liberal sprinkling of pictures of stars and galaxies will ensure that it is an awe-inspiring evening!

No idea what I'm going to say yet. Suggestions welcome in the box below...

More details about the talk are on the WYSOCS events page. Maybe see you (both) there?