I've now reached the end of Roy Clouser's book, The Myth of Religious Neutrality. Normal service will now resume, with long periods of silence punctuated by assorted trivia, pictures, videos, and other musings.

But just in case you want to read it all over again, here's an index to my posts on the respective chapters, written as one very long sentence:

  1. All of life is religious, because
  2. religious belief is belief about what is unconditionally and non-dependently real
  3. (and there are different types of religious belief),
  4. and these religious beliefs affect all of our beliefs about all of life
  5. (and, by the way, there are other ways of understanding how religious beliefs relate to other beliefs)
  6. (including the fundamentalistic approach),
  7. for example, our religious beliefs affect our beliefs about mathematics
  8. and about physics
  9. and about psychology
  10. and this whole view of reality is closely linked in with our understanding of the nature of God,
  11. [11-13] so we should try to build a view of reality based on a Christian view of God.
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