From the summer of 2013 to the summer of 2016, I worked on various web-based projects using Ruby on Rails.

From October 2008 until June 2013 I developed some software (Java/Jython) for the Herschel Space Observatory, which was launched in May 2009. One of my main responsibilities was to implement advanced methods of point source extraction for use on data from the PACS and SPIRE instruments on Herschel. I was doing this work first as a Research Fellow in Astronomy at Sussex University until July 2012, and since August 2012 I was working as a consultant with Blue Sky Spectroscopy, working on the software for the spectrometer on SPIRE.

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University of Sussex LaTeX thesis template

mn.bst Bibliography style file (BST, Bibtex, Latex) for MNRAS (Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society), modified to give “et al.” when there are more than eight authors.

hapalike_8max.bst Modified version of hapalike.bst (from here), changed to give (1) “et al.” when there are more then eight authors, (2) sort by first author and then year, rather than all authors and then year, (3) added month to sorting: author, year, month, and (4) changed from “Smith and Jones” to “Smith & Jones”.


Miscellany of IDL routines Use at your own risk!


pIDLy: IDL within Python Control and interact with IDL from Python.