In case you missed it … ten things I’ve recently shared elsewhere.

(1) Early morning discovery, while not sleeping: Alamire. Should not sleep more often! A taster … If Ye Love Me

(2) And this is really quite beautiful. NB: (1) 1544 version of the Litany, not Cranmer’s final version; (2) ‘miserable’ = ‘pitiable, in need of mercy’.

(3) It seems to be difficult for men to form and maintain meaningful friendships (and repeatedly moving from one part of the country to another doesn’t help!). What are people’s hints? If you are a man with meaningful friendships, what does that look like? Friends are good for us … so why do many men have none at all? - The Guardian

(4) Great to hear a familiar voice (John Castling) and some of the excellent archaeological things going on nearby in Bishop Auckland Amy Oakden - Bishop Auckland’s big dig - BBC Sounds

(5) The Bishop of Oxford spoke out recently in favour of same-sex marriage. To many, this is obviously a Good Thing, and any who think otherwise seem to live in a ‘different moral universe’. Vaughan Roberts, a vicar in Oxford, has written a response, which is well worth reading in full. Together in Love and Faith? Should the Church bless same-sex partnerships? A Response to the Bishop of Oxford, linked from

(6) Currently, ‘nothing can replace twitter as a source of unexpected people whose views are interesting’. Andrew Brown shares a few quick thoughts on Mastodon. The elephant shrew: Groping towards Mastodon

(7) Fascinating. Reading ‘O Sing Unto the Lord: A History of English Church Music’ by Andrew Gant. Were you to attend a service at a typical English church between, say, the late 16th and early 18th century, the singing might have sounded something like this…

(8) Managed to catch the first day of The Auckland Project’s Winter Experience (amazing Nativity scene!)

(9) Thought I’d try an app for looking at the night sky. First impressions of Stellarium Mobile: really very good. Simple, intuitive interface. And free!

(10) Loved this OnScript podcast interview with the legendary Andy Byers (who taught me New Testament at Cranmer Hall). About John’s Gospel and the theme of ‘otherness’. So rich!