A few quick thoughts on tomorrow’s election.

First, be sure to vote! Spoil your ballot paper if necessary. A failure to vote simply looks like apathy. And you do care, don’t you?

Second, compare the strength and stability of the coalition government with the chaos of the last two years, and consider the possibility that consensus and compromise can actually be stronger and more stable than exclusive rule by a single party. (Not always, of course, and within reason.)

Third, I have to say that I’m distinctly unimpressed by either the Conservatives or Labour. Theresa May strikes me as dangerously authoritarian, and Jeremy Corbyn seems to be riding the crest of a movement, rather than leading a political party. So my instinct would be to vote for neither party, unless I lived in a Conservative-Labour marginal, in which case I’d seriously consider voting for one or the other.

Fourth, if you wish your vote made more of a difference, then it’s worth considering a vote for one of the parties that is committed to reforming our electoral system. (In England, that would primarily be the Liberal Democrats, the Greens, and UKIP.) Even if that party cannot possibly win in your constituency, your vote will still be counted, and you will contribute to those bar charts that show how the votes-to-seats ratio is so heavily skewed in favour of the Conservatives, Labour and the SNP.