Liverpool is a great city for unleashing one's inner organ-geek. Two of the biggest and best pipe organs in the country are here. Liverpool Anglican Cathedral has the largest organ in the country (10,268 pipes), and the organ in St George's Hall is the third largest (7737 pipes). Both were built by the legendary Liverpool organ builders Henry Willis & Sons.

Both organs are played magnificently by City and Cathedral Organist, Ian Tracey; I made my first visit to St George's Hall this lunchtime to hear him give a recital.

Here he is, introducing the St George's Hall organ in a video publicising a series of concerts for organ and orchestra taking place this year with L'Orchestra dell'Arte. For something like the full effect, turn the volume up extremely loud at the end!

And here he is again, introducing the organ, in a video also introducing Henry Willis & Sons, who are still going strong: