A bit of audience participation for the churchgoers out there...

What are the main reasons you go to church?

  1. To hear good teaching? (But why not stay at home and listen to sermons online or read books?)
  2. Because I really like the music?
  3. To chat with friends after the service? (But why not have an extra hour in bed and show up just in time for post-service refreshments? Or why not just arrange regular informal times of fellowship?)
  4. Because my church is small, and the services are like small group meetings in which everyone contributes (groups discussions, etc.), and I find that participating in them is the best way for me to grow in my faith?
  5. Not for my own benefit, but to welcome unbelievers who may show up, and to share the gospel with them?
  6. For the food?
  7. Reluctant and grudging obedience?
  8. Some other reason?
  9. I'm really glad I do, but I can't explain why!

Answers in the comments below!