I thought I'd better figure out what Git and GitHub are. Git is a revision control system, enabling you to keep track of changes to computer software (for example). GitHub is a web-based hosting service for Git repositories. (The GitHub logo is the "octocat", by the way.)

It's all very simple to use too. My python/IDL interface, pIDLy, is now on GitHub, and it wasn't hard to set things up.

One of the points of GitHub is to make sharing and collaborating easier. So I'm kind of hoping that someone out there will want to do some work improving pIDLy, seeing as I'm spending most of my time on Java these days. I do get occasional emails from pIDLy users, so it is being used. But it's still quite easy to break it... The latest version on GitHub should be very slightly better than version 0.2.4, which I made four years ago and haven't touched since.