If you've signed the Coalition For Marriage (C4M) petition, or the Coalition For Equal Marriage (C4EM) petition, or indeed both or neither (and I think that includes at least one if not both of you), then you may well be interested in the Keep politics out of marriage page on Facebook. "Why?" you may be wondering. Here's the description:

Same-sex marriage: is there a way forward?

Two campaigns have recently been launched in the UK, the "Coalition For Marriage" (http://c4m.org.uk/) and the "Coalition For Equal Marriage" (http://c4em.org.uk/), both arguing that the legal definition of "marriage" should not conflict with their deeply held beliefs about marriage.

Is there a way forward, which would allow people to live out their sincere beliefs, and not find themselves at odds with the state or fighting with each other?

We think there is.

Simply this: remove the word "marriage" from UK law altogether.

Couples would be able to register a civil union, and it would be up to individuals whether or not they want to refer to that union as "marriage". Politicians and state officials would no longer have the power to override your convictions and tell you who is, or is not, married.

Keep politics out of marriage: get "marriage" out of the hands of politicians.