What is the dominant worldview — or religion — of people in the West? Arthur Jones identifies the "Western Religion" as being materialism, with the related beliefs that "physical nature is all there is" and that "enjoying material possessions is all that matters". It is the story of science, technology, economic growth and consumerism, as follows:

  • How do we gain true knowledge? Through science – by asking the elite scientific experts to share their wisdom.
  • Why do we want that knowledge? So we can develop the technology to control the world (even including human behaviour).
  • Why do we want to control the world? So we can have constant economic growth.
  • Why do we want constant economic growth? So we can all live in a consumer paradise.

More here, and in various talks on the WYSOCS recordings page.

I think he's onto something, though I suspect many in the West would live as if the second statement is true ("enjoying material possessions is all that matters") while not being so sure about the first ("physical nature is all there is").