Iron Man posterJust back from a film discussion at my church, at which we watched Iron Man (2008) and then used the following questions to delve under the surface of this deeply philosophical film:

  1. Which character did you like the most?
  2. Iron Man is a superhero story. Does this kind of story appeal to you? Why?
  3. Do you think people in our society are looking for a superhero, or is it just a story that we tell?
  4. Listen to these two quotes
    • Tony Stark: "I don't want this winding up in the wrong hands. Maybe in mine, it can actually do some good."
    • Obadiah Stane: "How ironic, Tony! Trying to rid the world of weapons, you gave it its best one ever!"

    If there was a real Iron Man, do you think that would help in ridding the world of weapons?

  5. Some people think that the stories we tell about a superhero who saves the world actually become real in Jesus. Why might people think that Jesus is the real superhero? Why might they think he isn't?
  6. How did Tony Stark and Pepper Potts’s relationship develop through the film?
  7. Obadiah Stane said this to Pepper Potts: "Tony never really did come home, did he? He left a part of himself in that cave.” How would you compare Stark before and after his time in the cave? What effect did Yinsen have on Stark?
  8. Who or what do you think is the real enemy in the film?