It's official: today, Tuesday the 17th of October, 2006, is an "ordinary day much like any other of no particular national significance". Bloggers are being urged on this "run-of-the-mill day" to record for posterity all the insignificant details of their boring lives. Historians in the year 3006 will be fascinated by this.

Now I'm not a blogger so I have no intention of joining in with this exercise. But I will share with you one part of my daily routine. This

La Cafetière CLASSIC Cafetière

is a cafetière, similar to (okay, much nicer than) the one I purchased recently in my quest to discover the delights of coffee. And what a delightful cup I consumed earlier! (Note for pedants: "cup" is used synecdochically for "cupful of coffee".) Apparently the coffee was grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and brought to me direct from the growers. Mmm.