I've been using Firefox for a good while now as my web-browser. It's been the obvious browser to use on Linux and I've found it much better than Internet Explorer 6 on Windows (but, to be fair, I haven't yet given IE7 a chance). But now I'm using a Mac and I might have to make a decision: Firefox or Safari?

Both have:

  • Easily-accessible search box in top-right
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Most other useful things

In favour of Firefox:

  • Same on all platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac. Big plus for me, as I use all three on a regular basis.
  • Interactive search (Ctrl-F etc).
  • Quick Searches, e.g., "wp cucumber" gets me the Wikipedia article on cucumbers.
  • The WYSIWYG editor for this blog doesn't work on Safari.
  • Lots of extensions available: if I think, "I wish Firefox did xyz," then xyz is probably available on the Firefox Add-ons page.

In favour of Safari:

  • It looks nice.
  • Surely it's disloyal to use non-Mac software? Let me explain. Macs seem to be very integrated. Rather than switching the computer on to find that it does nothing, when you switch on the Mac it has everything there already - Apple Mail, iTunes, iCal, iPhoto, ... and Safari. And it's all good stuff, so there isn't really any need to search around for better software. So any "proper" Mac user will be a Safari user. (Not sure whether I like this or hate this. On the one hand, who needs a choice when you've got the best option already? But on the other hand, being able to shop around and then actively make a choice feels like a fundamental human right. Really - it would rob me of my dignity as a human being if I couldn't download Firefox. I have the right to choose!)
  • Better RSS features (but I use Bloglines anyway).

Think Firefox wins. For now, at least. Especially now that I have the GrApple (Brushed) theme to make it look like Safari.

(Update: Firefox is being really slow this morning. I'm posting this using Safari.)